Guernsey Home Internet Services: A Guide

A good home Internet connection is essential for modern life, and in Guernsey we’re ahead of the UK (Jersey is slightly ahead of us) in world Internet speed rankings.

We may not have as many broadband providers as elsewhere, but there certainly is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a home broadband service in Guernsey (e.g. that two of the three providers both claim to offer the fastest 4G speeds).

There are three providers, Sure, JT, and Airtel. Sure and JT both offer fixed line (traditional home broadband via a cable) and mobile broadband (via 4G), and Airtel offers only mobile broadband packages.

Sure and JT – Home Broadband

Sure and JT both offer similar packages at similar prices, though can vary slightly depending on what you’re looking for in a home broadband provider. Both require an active landline (which increases costs).

Sure’s maximum home broadband speed at the time of writing (29/6/19) is 100Mb/s down/20Mb/s up and £53 per month with a £199 upfront charge for connection and equipment (including I believe an engineer visit to change your property’s master telephony socket).
That’s on a 12 month contract with a total cost of £835 for the contract duration (so £69.58 per month considering the upfront- considering landline rental costs the total would be around £85 per month in reality).

JT’s maximum is the same as Sure’s, but the total cost comes to £62.98 including landline rental for a 12 month contract. That price does not include equipment rental (though I could be wrong) and there does not appear to be a connection charge.

Sure is the larger company but their customer support is lacking in many areas, and will refuse to help even potential customers via email, asking them to either phone in or visit their retail store.
JT on the other hand is far more friendly to potential customers and provided help via live chat and social media.

JT is clearly the winner here, with excellent customer support and lower prices when compared to their rival Sure.